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Website Re-Design

It was time for a badass makeover! When Jenny approached me, she made it clear she wanted a brand and website that oozed luxury, embraced the allure of the unknown, exuded class, and embodied the essence of a true boss. Jenny told me "Bad bitches is my brand." Damn, I loved her energy! And so, we unleashed the bad bitch brand she deserved.

Jenny received three logo types. First up, her main logo: Jenny Chok Photo. Picture this: a signature red font reminiscent of an editor's notes. You know those photographers who print out their work and meticulously jot down thoughts in red ink? Yeah, that's the vibe. We aimed for a timeless, classy name logo with a personal, handwritten twist. Pure badassery. Then, there's her secondary logo, which simply features her name—bold, unapologetic, and unforgettable. And finally, the J/C symbol, perfect for a watermark or smaller materials, because even bad bitches need their marks.

But wait, there's more! We're in the midst of revamping Jenny's website, and trust me, it's going to blow your mind. The anticipation is killing me—I can't wait to see it all come together. Stay tuned for the grand reveal of Jenny's bad bitch empire.

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