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I'm Alejandra, the founder of Design Salt Creative. I was raised with parents who are both artists, and owned an art school and art gallery in the heart of the city. My upbringing was a little different than most peoples, each day after school I went to my parents art school where I experimented with every art medium I could get my hands on. This happened everyday till I was 18 years old.


After years of playing around with different mediums, I found my favorite one: the computer.

Fun Fact: My father taught me how to use photoshop in 1998, I was 10 years old when I created my first design in photoshop. It was the beginning of a life long beautiful obsession.


I founded Design Salt Creative because I want to help brands not only thrive but stand out against their competitors. "Design is the silent ambassador of your brand" (by. Paul Rand). Without great design a great company can become misunderstood, passed by, and not taken seriously. We are here to help navigate you in the right direction and set you up for success.


Design Salt is a digital and print creative agency aiming to take your vision and enhance it with our creativity, passion, experience and expertise. What would food be without a little salt? You guessed it, bland. What's a brand without a little creativity, passion, experience and expertise? Bland… Your logo, branding, website, social media etc. is the face of your company, people can't help but judge it. Great design is proven to help companies make more money. Have you ever purchased something at the store over another product because it looked nice? Ya, me too. That's our goal, we want your company to be chosen, we are your biggest cheerleaders, teachers, and design masterminds.


We help businesses nationwide tell their story and show up in the world. We are experts in branding, logos, package design, and websites.


Let's make something beautiful together.

“Alejandra is absolutely amazing to work with! She is an incredibly talented artist and designer who can really execute our vision and ideas better than we even imagined."

- Trent

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