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BOLD coffee Roasters

Project type

Website re-design

🥰 Here's the sweet origin story of the couple who created BCR.⁠

BOLD COFFEE ROASTERS is a small batch coffee roaster in the beautiful town of Maupin, Oregon. Sumatra has formed the backbone of this espresso-forward company, but now they have expanded to some exciting variety!⁠

BOLD COFFEE ROASTERS was first created years ago by a husband that wanted to fulfil his wife's coffee dreams, she wasn't finding exactly what she wanted in stores so her husband started roasting coffee beans for her in just the way she liked them. Later on they found out how much demand there was for good coffee and created a business out of it.⁠

Recently BOLD COFFEE ROASTERS has been purchased by a new owner with big dreams for BCR, within a couple months she has managed to increase sales while keeping the coffee's great taste and charm.⁠

We did a total website revamp on their site, for better performance and aesthetics.⁠

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