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FACELAB coming summer 2024

FACELAB is poised to become your ultimate haven for achieving all your skin care goals, blending luxurious facials and advanced skincare treatments to accentuate your natural beauty. When Brooke envisioned FACELAB, she dreamed of a brand that embodies moodiness, sexiness, and sophistication. We brought her vision to life with a brand identity that intertwines dark, sultry tones with the warmth of creamy grey and subtle silver highlights, creating an ambiance of unparalleled luxury and high-end service.

FACELAB's target clientele are those who seek not just results but an experience; a journey towards enhanced self-confidence and radiance, reflected in every aspect of our branding. FACELAB stands on the philosophy that beauty is a form of self-care, where every treatment is a step towards the ultimate goal of self-revelation and confidence.

The design process was inspired by the raw elegance of nature and the urban chic lifestyle, resulting in a brand that's as sophisticated as it is grounded. FACELAB's visual identity, from the logo to the choice of typography and imagery, is crafted to reflect the brand's commitment to quality, luxury, and the transformative power of skincare.

Understanding the pivotal role of social media in today's digital age, we extended FACELAB's branding into the digital realm with bespoke Canva Instagram post and story templates. This ensures that FACELAB's elegant and moody aesthetic is consistently communicated, engaging clients with visually captivating content that echoes the brand's ethos and values. Our tailored templates allow FACELAB to maintain a cohesive and recognizable online presence, enabling them to share their story, showcase treatments, and highlight customer transformations seamlessly across social media platforms.

Discover the difference. Experience FACELAB.

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