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The Crystal Ship

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We did full branding for The Crystal Ship is a documentary film. The film is currently being filmed in Portland, Oregon with a release date of 2023.

“Portland, Oregon is home to the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the United States. This film explores why. Drawing from Portland history, Oregon politics, and stories from insiders themselves, The Crystal Ship seeks to understand Portland’s club culture at a deeper level and shine a light on a world often kept in the shadows.”

This was a pretty different direction than we’ve gone before and it was fun to explore a fun and grimy side. The branding vibe and colors are inspired by Portland and the dark night life. The concept we came up with for the logo was to imitate a strippers hand writing in lipstick. Strippers often write notes on the mirrors in the back dressing room and what better writing tool to use than a beautiful red lipstick. The heart seals the note. <3

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