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RESTAURANT wix template

Restaurant Template by Design Salt Creative

restaurant template - a fun, minimal, and user-friendly website perfect for all types of food businesses.


Introducing our latest and most delicious creation: the Restaurant Wix website template!


This delightful template is perfect for all types of food businesses - from bustling restaurants and cozy food carts to professional catering services.

Why is our template a true recipe for success? It's all in the details! With a fun, minimal, and user-friendly design, this template makes it easy for your customers to navigate and explore your mouth-watering offerings.

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A showcase of mockup of Restaurant Website Template

5 easy steps

STEP 1: Create a Wix Account To begin, navigate to and sign up for a new account. You can either use your email address or sign up through your social media accounts, such as Google or Facebook.

STEP 4: Accept the Transfer Follow the instructions provided in the transfer request email to accept the transfer. Once you have accepted the transfer, the website template will be added to your Wix account.

STEP 2: Provide Your Email Address After purchasing the website template, make sure to provide the email address associated with your Wix account. This will enable us to transfer the template to your account.

STEP 5: Customize and Manage Your Selita Website Now that the template is in your Wix account, you can customize it to fit your brand and needs. Feel free to delete any unnecessary pages or add additional ones as required.

STEP 3: Await the Transfer Request Email Within 24 hours of providing your email address, you will receive a transfer request email from Wix. This email will contain instructions on how to proceed with the transfer process. Make sure to check your inbox and spam folder, just in case.


  1. Time-sensitive Transfer: Please keep in mind that it's important to accept the transfer within a 3-day timeframe. Once this period expires, the transfer request will no longer be valid.

  2. Separate Site for Existing Wix Users: If you already have a website on Wix, please be aware that this new template will create a distinct site within your account. You'll simply need to add your content to the new site and then assign your domain accordingly.

  3. Wix Plan Upgrade for Domain Usage: To use your own domain or remove the Wix Ad, you'll need to upgrade your Wix plan. It's a straightforward process that will give you more flexibility.

  4. Compatibility Exclusive to Wix: Please note that this template is exclusively designed for Wix and cannot be used with other platforms. We've crafted it to work seamlessly within the Wix environment.

  5. Wix Premium Plan for Store Payments: If you're planning to accept payments through your store, you'll need a Wix premium plan. This will unlock all the necessary features to facilitate smooth and secure transactions.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Non-refundable Purchases: We kindly want to inform you that all purchases are non-refundable due to the digital nature of the product. Please make sure to review and consider your decision carefully.

  2. Prohibited Resale or Sharing: It's important to understand that you are strictly prohibited from reselling or sharing this template for any purpose, no matter the circumstances. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  3. Individual Purchase for Multiple Sites: If you're interested in using this template for multiple sites, please keep in mind that a separate purchase will be required for each site. This will ensure the best experience and support for each of your unique websites.

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